{December 21, 2016}   VicTsing VGA To HDMI Adapter Converter 1080p Video Cable from Desktop/ Laptop/ Notebook/ Computer/ PC/ HD TV-box to HDTV/ Monitor/ Projector

This VGA to HDMI converter allows you to upscale analog VGA signals to digital HDMI signals.

Portable design

Ultra compact and simple design, no tangled and complicated wires and cords, easy to carry and small enough to fit in your laptop bag.

How to use:

1.Insert the VGA interface into the computer(desktop or laptop) or other equipment with the VGA output.

2.Plug the USB connector into the related interface of computer.

3.Insert The HDMI female connector into one HDMI cable (male to male), the HDMI cable is sold separately. Then connect HDMI cable to displayer/monitor and projector or other devices with HDMI interface.

4. There are many HDMI interfaces among the current HDTVs. Generally, it appears HDMII1, HDMII2, HDMII3. Before connecting this product to HDTV, you need use remote control to select corresponding HDMI output interface on the TV screen. (For example, if you connect this product to HDMII2 interface, you should use remote control to select HDMII2 on your


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